Attorney Explains What Happens Following a Car Accident Deposition

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Thursday, December 21, 2023 at 9:00pm UTC

Learn What Happens After a Deposition in a Car Accident Case

Orlando, United States - December 21, 2023 / The Law Offices of Marc L. Shapiro, P.A. /

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Marc L. Shapiro Discuss What Happens After a Deposition in an Orlando Car Accident Case

Orlando car accident victims naturally want justice from the driver who hit them. Following a car accident, victims will likely have to undergo a deposition.

What happens after a deposition in a car accident case? Below, a personal injury attorney in Orlando explains.


What Is a Car Accident Deposition?

An Orlando car accident deposition is part of the discovery process. It’s similar to a trial but not quite so formal.

During a deposition, all parties involved in the accident gather with their attorneys to share information. It allows attorneys to hear all sides of the story and witness statements.


What Happens After a Deposition in a Car Accident Case in Orlando?

Here's what accident victims can expect following their deposition.

Deposition Transcript Review

During the deposition, a court reporter will make a transcript of everything that was said. Afterward, the reporter will prepare a copy of that transcript for the victim's attorney to review. The transcript could take several weeks to prepare if the deposition is lengthy. I’m

Once the attorney has the transcript, they will review it carefully to gather all the facts of the case. The attorney may want to ask their client more questions or speak to other witnesses, and the other side’s lawyer may do the same.

Medical Examinations

Following a deposition, it’s not uncommon for the other side’s attorney to request that the victim undergo an independent medical exam. They might do this if they suspect the victim of exaggerating or falsifying their injuries. They’ll ask for an independent exam from a neutral party to uncover the truth.

An attorney can help victims prepare for the exam by telling them what to say (and not say) to the doctor.

Case Evaluation

Next, victims will talk with their Orlando lawyer about the strength of their case. For a fairly strong case, the attorney may want to begin settlement negotiations. The other side may be more willing to negotiate after the deposition process.

However, the other side may instead choose to play hardball with the victim. They might do this if the case lacks evidence or the victim was partially at fault for the accident.

If the other driver refuses to settle, one's only recourse might be to go to trial. A lawyer will handle all trial preparation and represent the victim in the courtroom.

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